PE sdrawkcaB gniklaT

by The Mantis Opera

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released July 20, 2012


all rights reserved



The Mantis Opera London, UK

Experimental, avant garde rockers based in London

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Track Name: Tape 1: Beach song, Filth of youth, Bigbadwolf

The beach is pink and from it blades arise
And they reflect the sun before they swim the night
But they cut the waves
Splitting, creating subtle shapes that melt into the sky

Air is salt that stings our cotton eyes
A burning sulphur breaks itself within the sky
But it does no harm
To us or anyone upon this rocky paradise

Leave this place
There's monsters all around you save yourself
And run away
Return to solid ground there's no-one else
Cos nothing's real up here

Crimson surf that stains your chestnut hair
It leaves a mark embedded into what you wear
But you'll never learn
That no-one faithful will return from parties in the sky

Little stones that cascade off your skin
It never seems to stick or leave it's curse within
But your shame is all thats needed to keep you from it all
Keep the dust out of your eyes

And I won't be the one to show you how to do it alone
And I won't be the one to drag you out or carry you home
And I won't be the one to keep you safe from all of us
And I won't be the one that you should trust


Do I want to be alone again?
Misery could be my oldest friend
I could pretend that I have never fallen in love before
It's pathetic but I can't ignore the past
The times before, the lies before

And I want to watch it burn
Let it crumble in the air
I have wasted these dreams
They're the filth of my youth

How could anyone go back instead?
Don't they know that everything goes dead?
Just like you said there could be nothing left for you to share
Things that seven years could not repair
So you just stare


Step into the moonlight
Step into the ring of electric fire
Step into a burning sky
Step into the flames that put lights in your eyes
And make you breathe smoke

Living in the daytime
I want to hurt, I want to corrupt
I want to make noise and get rid of the worst
Living in a cracked shell
Living in another skin that twitches and turns and falls in on itself

Space quivering, rippling
A liquid to absorb sound

I'm the big bad wolf
I'm the cannibal
I'll jump out of my skin
And I'll eat you all

Running in the woods
Running on the other side to be safe from judging eyes
Running from a ghost
Running from a fabricated fantasy and I've got to wake up
Track Name: Tape 2: Talking Backwards/New Tattoo
Don't get too bold
Broken record
Don't think
How much are you worth?
Family always comes first
Calm down

Raise your head
Look at the walls instead

Sympathy never works
Like talking backwards
Know this

Things turn cold
But were we ever told?

I wish I could become someone
Then I could safely travel home
I won't have to hide my shame
I won't have to suffocate

Living with my family
I could be comfortable at home
Learning to drive again
I could be just like you

Seeing all of my friends again
I could be confident back home
Comparing new tattoos
Look how mature we are

I could get a job again
Working for money back at home
Save up for my first car
I could be just like you

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