Four Movements EP

by The Mantis Opera

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released August 26, 2016

All songs written, recorded and mixed by Allister Kellaway

Vocals, guitars, electronics, samples and glockenspiel by Allister Kellaway

Drums by Ed Bernez

Acoustic guitars in Sandcastle and February by Henry Nicholson

Violas in Reykjavik by Sally Wragg

Sampled drums in Sandcastle and Symbiosis by Ollie Renouf Donaldson

Musical saw in Reykjavik by Polly Lindsay

Additional vocals in Symbiosis, Reykjavik and February
by Henry Nicholson

Additional vocals in Symbiosis and February by Anna Lena Bruland

Additional vocals in Symbiosis and February by Michael Clark

Additional vocals in February by Lily Wolter

Additional vocals in February by Lucinda Juan


all rights reserved



The Mantis Opera London, UK

Experimental, avant garde rockers based in London

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Track Name: Sandcastle
If you made a sculpture out of sand
Only to stand by as it's swallowed up by the ocean
Was the beauty in the product?
Was it in the making of?

I once drew a swan for my sister
I guess that giving time can prove the worth of something special
Would you argue that a gift is more than just a box of junk?

We deserve a chance


Were you built in advance?
My point is that some of us were made to feel privileged
As if people are walking vessels of fate

It's easy to rely on the feeling that everything will be ok

We're endlessly waiting on redemption
For suffering shame at the hands of aspiration


If I were a painter
How could i sleep at night knowing perfection is a lie?
Stop panicking son, with the time you've been given
You could sell all your things and go backpacking in Thailand
I know your one to pity the man
Who is waiting for god to return him to his childhood

We're brought unto earth with the promise of heaven
Where we're free to submit to a life in a cage
Like the man who lives in silence
Track Name: Symbiosis
It's clear to me, I know
There's a world within our own, unbreakable
If an idea is worth the effort
It can swim against the tide, irrelevant

[like a dance, in the dark, none can see, such a lie]

Like a whisper in a crowded room
Barely heard or understood
Open culture couldn't be more a lie


No, how'd we survive?
Generations laid before us have a mountain to climb
And i pity myself, I abhor all the lies
The fear of being ignored's what keeps us up at night

Acknowledge my existence
Subjective consciousness
Deprived of acknowledgement
Can question it's role
As an object of free will
Who lives as a witness
To ubiquitous influence
It has on the universe


Words were such a common way
Of expressing meaning
We drift into a new climate
Learning to speak in pictures

The message written on your face
Is the fate of reason
Endemic to a mass culture
Formed of false impressions

It's easy to assume descent
To a bastard logic
We deify the word further
Resenting the change in seasons

The infant of our time ascends
To a higher being
Our wish is one in denial
Of changes in human nature
Track Name: Reykjavik
Unscrambling signs
Recovered from our eyes
It's no wonder
On a planet bathed in light

Under glass
I yearn for the past
Without origin
There is time enough at last

The universe defined in patterns
The reason how and why things happen
Does every question deserve an answer?
All mystery abolished after?


The will to learn
The weight of a soul
As families are offered to the sun
An elemental god enshrined in gold
Is waiting for the rapture
The harvest has begun


In this garden of sin
I've found a new god to believe in
A faceless guard to a paradise
With no way in

Kindness is a virtue
Tell me a good thing you have done
Whats that behind you?
The vacuum on the other side of the sun

Mother denier
Soaking in the mud of a holy war
Held by a wire
As if to hover unaided


When we stayed in Reykjavik
I was dreaming of abstract science fiction
You were mesmerised by how the sunlight never left the sky
If only I had realised
That we build the world from shapes inside our minds

And in the day we were sleeping to the sounds of the street
It was a lullaby without a cadence without counterpoint
A soft and hollow radiance
And you were golden in the shining yellow night
Track Name: February
What's the point of carrying on?
I'll only end up hurting those I love again
For picking me off the floor

'Cause I'm scared of losing it all
Of watching as my castle slowly tumbles down
Of a barrier at the shore

Oh February, be kind to us
When all I want is lost


Look into my eyes
Colder now in spring
Was it no surprise?
I'm so glad you came


How did we get here?
With a crater between us
This city is poison
And it's pushing us out
I was in Heaven
I want to share it with you
In a world that hates us
Got to see it through


I'm in pain without you here
I live in a shallow grave
Please don't you ever leave

Oh tomorrow I suffer enough
Hold me above the throne of a god
Oh tomorrow please only be kind to us


Monsters eating me inside, jumping out
Out of a gap in the wall
This room is so cold
Yeah I live here
Will someone tell me who is in charge?
Tell me who is responsible

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