by The Mantis Opera

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This is my latest album, if you download it, it will include "Chord-Organ Collage" as a bonus track


released June 7, 2013


all rights reserved



The Mantis Opera London, UK

Experimental, avant garde rockers based in London

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Track Name: I Never Went Surfing
Looking back
We used to celebrate
Howling in the night
Witness to a world returning to life

Learn to surf
Meet me at the end of the earth
Faces in the rocks
One-way conversations never stop

[I'm looking for money, take what you want, I need a train to take me home, I wait for hours and kill the time, by enhancing illusions in my mind, in this perfect house I'm never free, this is what my friends have done to me, I was bored before, but since I've gone, I'll never have to be alone!]

We've painted the walls with melodic verse
These songs belong to all of us

The advocates that come to preach
Every body is here to teach

I've learned a truth that hides in us
I'm liberated from the dark!

Looking back
You saved me from a heart attack!
Waking up outside
Is the only way you're gonna open your eyes

Now it's our turn
To let our songs dissolve in the ocean
Washed up on the shore
I'll never have to run away anymore.
Track Name: Rant
Once again we're at the start
And it's time for money to ruin art
In a world like this you've got to sell
These open letters to yourself

And society is corrupt
And we'll never know enough
And now it's finally time to prove your worth to us

There's no time to fuck around
With things that no-one understands
Stop playing with your head and get to work
Cos no-one's special no-one's first

And on the astral plane
We all just look the same
Go tell your friend to never write a song again

We all have different opinions
So a critic's role is irrelevant
If you find a way to express yourself
Then who needs approval from anyone else?

And the message is compromised
And the truth is sacrificed
Are we born into a world of virtues based on lies?

But I offer no truce
No solution no compromise
So it's time to struggle alone
And have reasons for what you've done
Cos society is corrupt
And it'll never wake up
And we'll all be forced to compete
In order to make ends meet.
Track Name: Seven minutes are up
"send it to america"

"she never wants to see you again"

"driving through the desert"

"I was born in mexico"

"he's a gentleman"

"doing a bit of gardening"

"could you do me the biggest favour?"

"yes to sloe gin picking"

"I wouldn't say bad either"

"he's a gentleman"

Story of your life
Help me decide
The memories i should categorise
Strung out in a line

Move through time and space
Shift from place to place
The chapters of your saga align
Soon to go to waste

Sink into the earth
The miracle of birth
No journey through this world is alike
Save for what comes first/last

Split your life apart
Begin from the start
The moments that define you are
The sources of your art
Track Name: Sing Clown!
Words mean nothing to me
Take a look and see
Forget everyone
Cos you've never met somebody like me

Hold me in your arms
Safest place around
Underneath the furniture
With your head stuck in the clouds

Wake up after hours
Dancer in the flowers
Separate the mind from truth
Cos you're dreaming of singing clowns!

Don't believe, don't believe it!

Doctor please relieve me
What a terrible example for my children
I'll always be a fool
I crawl across the ocean floor
Seeking out a jewel
I wanna make you proud

I wanna make you proud

Yeah look around you boy

Yeah look around you boy

It's a different feeling all around
(Let the little one go).
Track Name: Curtsie
Is anyone made for these times?
Brought from birth to wait in line
Disconnection never was a crime

Lift me up, take me home
Into this changing world were thrown
Where have all the perfect children gone?
Track Name: 8 versus
Look at your face in the mirror
Nothing to get out of it
Bring it up in conversation
Demonstrate your innocence

Looking for a golden ticket
Get me the fuck out of here
Type this letter on graph paper
Send it to america

Take a look at this picture
No-one could be more relaxed
This is all part of our nature
Taking useless photographs

I've looked through this foggy window
Nothing is safe anymore
It's getting harder to imagine
That I was a child before

Looking back is an overstatement
Memory deceives us all the time
Juxtaposed word and image
Abide by no storyline

Look it up, gain an opinion
You've got nothing to lose
Now we can all be activists
Without leaving our bedrooms

Look for the perfect answer
Now it's your chance to be heard
Intellect is now the act
Of spewing out a dead man's words

Look at your face in the mirror
Weren't you a pacifist before?
Now your heart screams out for blood
To spill on your front door.

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