from by The Mantis Opera



If you made a sculpture out of sand
Only to stand by as it's swallowed up by the ocean
Was the beauty in the product?
Was it in the making of?

I once drew a swan for my sister
I guess that giving time can prove the worth of something special
Would you argue that a gift is more than just a box of junk?

We deserve a chance


Were you built in advance?
My point is that some of us were made to feel privileged
As if people are walking vessels of fate

It's easy to rely on the feeling that everything will be ok

We're endlessly waiting on redemption
For suffering shame at the hands of aspiration


If I were a painter
How could i sleep at night knowing perfection is a lie?
Stop panicking son, with the time you've been given
You could sell all your things and go backpacking in Thailand
I know your one to pity the man
Who is waiting for god to return him to his childhood

We're brought unto earth with the promise of heaven
Where we're free to submit to a life in a cage
Like the man who lives in silence


from Four Movements EP, released August 26, 2016



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The Mantis Opera London, UK

Experimental, avant garde rockers based in London


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