It's clear to me, I know
There's a world within our own, unbreakable
If an idea is worth the effort
It can swim against the tide, irrelevant

[like a dance, in the dark, none can see, such a lie]

Like a whisper in a crowded room
Barely heard or understood
Open culture couldn't be more a lie


No, how'd we survive?
Generations laid before us have a mountain to climb
And i pity myself, I abhor all the lies
The fear of being ignored's what keeps us up at night

Acknowledge my existence
Subjective consciousness
Deprived of acknowledgement
Can question it's role
As an object of free will
Who lives as a witness
To ubiquitous influence
It has on the universe


Words were such a common way
Of expressing meaning
We drift into a new climate
Learning to speak in pictures

The message written on your face
Is the fate of reason
Endemic to a mass culture
Formed of false impressions

It's easy to assume descent
To a bastard logic
We deify the word further
Resenting the change in seasons

The infant of our time ascends
To a higher being
Our wish is one in denial
Of changes in human nature


from Four Movements EP, released August 26, 2016



all rights reserved


The Mantis Opera London, UK

Experimental, avant garde rockers based in London


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