Unscrambling signs
Recovered from our eyes
It's no wonder
On a planet bathed in light

Under glass
I yearn for the past
Without origin
There is time enough at last

The universe defined in patterns
The reason how and why things happen
Does every question deserve an answer?
All mystery abolished after?


The will to learn
The weight of a soul
As families are offered to the sun
An elemental god enshrined in gold
Is waiting for the rapture
The harvest has begun


In this garden of sin
I've found a new god to believe in
A faceless guard to a paradise
With no way in

Kindness is a virtue
Tell me a good thing you have done
Whats that behind you?
The vacuum on the other side of the sun

Mother denier
Soaking in the mud of a holy war
Held by a wire
As if to hover unaided


When we stayed in Reykjavik
I was dreaming of abstract science fiction
You were mesmerised by how the sunlight never left the sky
If only I had realised
That we build the world from shapes inside our minds

And in the day we were sleeping to the sounds of the street
It was a lullaby without a cadence without counterpoint
A soft and hollow radiance
And you were golden in the shining yellow night


from Four Movements EP, track released July 15, 2016



all rights reserved


The Mantis Opera London, UK

Experimental, avant garde rockers based in London


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